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What Happens When You Pay Your Credit Card Late?

Date: Mon, 17. June 2019 13:00:00
A late credit card payment is an easy mistake to make. Although a late credit card payment is an understandable error, there are consequences. A missed credit card payment can hurt your credit rating and finances both in the short and long term.

How a New Credit Card Can Boost Your Credit Score

Date: Mon, 24. April 2017 10:40:52
Many people are wary of applying for a new credit card because they've heard that their credit score takes a hit when they do it. The truth is that if you play your cards right (pun intended), that credit score ding (typically about five points that lasts two years) will hardly even matter. It will be outweighed by the new card's positive effects on your credit score, which result primarily from your credit utilization rate.

It's Your Career. You Look After It.

Date: Mon, 30. December 2013 03:06:03
I get tired of hearing people whine about the job they're in, or the responsibilities they have. After all, this is not cleaning up vomit from stinking bathrooms, or pole dancing for leering strangers. This is quite a nice career path, and the pay and hours are above average at the very least. So, if you are whining, remember just who to blame. It's Your Career. You Look After It. originally appeared on Advertising on Friday, November 22nd, 2013 at 18:48:23.Permalink | Comment | Email this

Options if You're Denied for a Secured Credit Card

Date: Wed, 3. April 2019 13:00:00
A secured credit card can offer access to credit if you don't have good credit. Using a secured credit card, you may improve your credit enough to qualify for unsecured cards, which could offer better terms. If you're denied a secured credit card, there are still ways to improve your credit profile and potentially get access to credit.

The Holiday Card Assignment What Did You Do?

Date: Fri, 18. January 2013 03:42:59
Did you make something cool? Fun? Hip? Hipster? Trendy? Traditional? Do you have examples? Want to share? Come on! Read more here. The Holiday Card Assignment What Did You Do? originally appeared on Advertising on Monday, December 17th, 2012 at 11:43:19.Permalink | Comment | Email this

Why Your Credit Card APR Is Going Up and What to Do About It

Date: Sat, 9. February 2019 07:00:00
If your credit card debt seems like it?s getting more difficult to pay down, here?s why.

What Happens When Your Credit Card Company Sues You?

Date: Fri, 7. December 2018 14:00:00
Ignoring debt collection calls usually doesn't make them go away. Ignore your credit card debt long enough, and your credit card company may sell your account to a collection agency or sue you in civil court for the balance. While it's best to try to work with your credit card company before a lawsuit is filed, it's also important to know what to expect if you receive a summons and how you can respond to it.

How to Find and Cancel Recurring Credit Card Charges

Date: Mon, 10. June 2019 13:24:48
Checking your credit card statements regularly can help you weed out recurring charges that are costing you money. Recurring charges to your credit card can add up quickly, even if they're small amounts. Knowing how to spot these charges -- and eliminate them -- can help you sidestep an overinflated credit card bill.

How Is Your Credit Limit Determined?

Date: Thu, 30. August 2018 13:00:00
Your credit limit is the maximum amount that you can spend with your credit card. To determine the amount, credit card companies look at a variety of factors to gauge your ability to handle credit. Let's take a look at some of the most common areas that credit card issuers review when they decide what your credit limit should be.

How to Avoid Paying Credit Card Fees

Date: Thu, 29. November 2018 14:00:00
Credit card holders can spend hundreds of dollars on fees annually just to use their cards. Know what triggers your credit card fees so you can sidestep these charges. Many popular travel credit cards come without foreign transaction fees.

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