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Move over Coin and Plastc, there?s one more smart card looking to replace your wallet

Date: Fri, 10. October 2014 20:15:03
While Apple is finally bringing its contactless payments solution to the iPhone, other companies are still sticking with regular debit and credit cards, trying to reinvent these pieces of plastic that are widely used for daily purchases around the world. After Coin and Plastc, two companies that think they have figured out the next big thing for credit cards, Final also wants to reinvent the credit card. But the company has a different kind of smart credit card concept compared to Coin and Plastc, and it focuses on the user?s security. FROM EARLIER: The iPhone 6 might be low-res, but Apple?s highest-resolution device ever is coming soon In light of the many recent credit and debit card security breaches, Final thinks it has

?Visa steps up credit card security with tokenisation in Australia

Date: Tue, 24. February 2015 01:11:31
Visa has introduced tokenisation to Australia as a step to reduce credit card fraud when payments are made online, or via mobile devices.

Here's one thing Trump is doing right

Date: Wed, 25. January 2017 12:58:06
Trump is already taking credit for jawboning companies into safeguarding American jobs and creating new ones.

Chick-Fil-A admits possible credit card breach

Date: Thu, 1. January 2015 16:58:00

Former credit, prepaid-card executive to lead U.S. student loan program

Date: Tue, 20. June 2017 19:44:43
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday tapped a former credit card and prepaid-card executive to lead the U.S. government's $1.4 trillion student loan program, replacing the chief operating officer who resigned last month. The financial aid sector gave the announcement a careful reception, with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, or NASFAA, saying it looked forward to learning more about Johnson's views.

Tea at the Ritz soured by credit card scammers

Date: Sat, 15. August 2020 21:45:07
Scammers posed as hotel staff to trick customers into handing over payment information.

Will Credit Card Companies Be the Undoing of CBD Product Sales?

Date: Mon, 8. July 2019 01:08:00
Payment processors are declining to do business with retailers that sell them.

Do I need a credit card for college?

Date: Wed, 27. July 2011 03:29:15
With all of this talk about credit it is hard for high school and college students to weed out the good information and advice from the bad information and advice. Some people preach that credit cards are evil and that there is no need for a student to have one. Other people say that every person over the age of 18 needs to have a credit card. So which is correct? Do college students need a credit card to get by?

U.S. top court rejects bid to revive $7.25 billion credit card settlement

Date: Mon, 27. March 2017 09:51:28
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a bid by retailers to revive a $7.25 billion antitrust settlement they reached with Visa Inc and Mastercard Inc over claims the card networks improperly fixed credit and debit card fees. The high court left in place a 2016 lower court decision that threw out the settlement on the basis that it was unfair to retailers that stood to receive no payments and derive no other benefits. The brief Supreme Court order noted that Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito did not participate in consideration of whether to take up the appeal.

Answers to questions about the Target data breach

Date: Thu, 19. December 2013 17:40:22
NEW YORK (AP) ? With less than a week until Christmas, a real-life Grinch has stolen the credit and debit card information of about 40 million Target shoppers.

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