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K Investments Ltd. Provides Notice of a Payment Card Security Event

Date: Sat, 15. February 2020 00:00:00
K Investments Ltd., the independent owner and operator of Quaker Steak & LubeŽ, York, Pennsylvania ("restaurant"), provides notice of an event that may affect the security of payment card information used by certain customers at this restaurant between June 14, 2019 and August 5, 2019.

To combat fraud, Visa wants to track your smartphone

Date: Fri, 13. February 2015 17:05:27
NEW YORK (AP) ? Those days of calling your bank to let them know that, yes, you really are in Thailand, and yes, you really did use your credit card to buy $200 in sarongs, may be coming to an end.

Here's What Happens When You Pay Your Taxes With a Credit Card

Date: Sat, 13. April 2019 22:15:00
Thinking about paying your taxes with a credit card? Here's how the process works.

Apple launches credit card with Goldman Sachs

Date: Mon, 25. March 2019 17:54:01
Apple Inc on Monday launched a credit card with Goldman Sachs Group Inc that will be synched with iPhone users' Apple Wallet and can be used to buy Apple products at a discount. Speaking at an event at the iPhone maker's headquarters in Cupertino, California, Vice President for Apple Pay Jennifer Bailey said the credit card will work through Apple's wallet app, and that card holders can earn 2 percent cash back on all purchases and 3 percent on Apple products. The card will also work with new Apple Wallet features to help consumers track their spending and monthly purchasing trends.

CFB notebook: Ex-Rutgers LB DeVera charged in credit card scheme

Date: Sun, 26. August 2018 03:31:05
Former Rutgers linebacker Brendan DeVera, one of eight players involved in a credit card scheme that led to the school booting them from the team, turned to the dark web to obtain stolen credit card numbers, reported Saturday.

How to shop online without a credit card

Date: Mon, 5. August 2013 10:03:00
Diana Delgado asked if there are ways to shop online without the traditional piece of plastic. There are good reasons not to use a credit card online--or at all. Shopping online increases the odds that someone will steal your credit card number. You may want to make a purchase without your spouse knowing about it. And the buy-now-pay-later aspect of credit cards encourage some people to dangerously overspend. But the online economy is very much a credit card economy. If you're going to buy a song, book, tablet, or just about anything online, you'll be expected to enter a credit card number. Fortunately, there are options. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

AT&T Connects Cell Phone Location With Credit Card Authorizations - Makes My Travel Life A W

Date: Thu, 5. June 2014 12:00:00
I travel. A lot. One thing that continuously frustrates me in my travel is the regular occurrence of my credit card being blocked by my bank. The great thing about credit cards is that cardholders aren’t liable for third party fraudulent use of their cards. The bad thing about credit cards is that in a bid to reduce their potential losses, banks are generally very cautious about potentially dodgy transactions. When the bank sees purchases on my card from unusual locations, their response is often to put a lock on the card. Sitting in Chennai unable to do anything because your credit card doesn’t work is a sure fire bet to increase travelling stress.

Three ways to protect against credit card fraud

Date: Thu, 24. September 2015 04:05:36
Credit card fraud and hurt your credit score and result in hours on the phone with banks and credit card providers. Use these tips to protect yourself.

Hidden credit card perks can save shoppers

Date: Wed, 7. December 2016 00:17:55
Your credit card may offer some little-known perks that could save you money both upfront and after the purchase. Of the 100 most popular credit cards, 81 offered some kind of extended warranty, according to a study released on Wednesday from, a card rating website run by . Forty-seven cards had price protection, meaning the credit card issuer will match the price if it drops within a certain amount of time, and 26 guaranteed returns even when the merchant does not.

Chase forgives all credit card debt for Canadian customers

Date: Fri, 9. August 2019 20:08:38
Chase Bank announced it is forgiving all credit card debt held by Canadian customers more than one year after the company decided to close all credit card accounts there.

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