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Target fast-tracks new credit card security following data breach

Date: Mon, 3. February 2014 21:58:09
Target says it's accelerating a program that will update its retail stores with technology designed to thwart credit card fraud. In an op-ed in The Hill, Target chief financial officer John Mulligan says the company is moving up its goal to utilize chip-enabled smart cards, and now plans to have them in stores by early 2015, which is six months earlier than originally planned. Those cards encrypt point of sale data, rendering the credit card number less useful if stolen. Mulligan notes that the smart cards have not taken off in the US, but have resulted in lower card number theft in other countries, notably Canada and the United Kingdom.

GM to invest $331M in powertrain plants in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana

Date: Thu, 4. April 2013 09:16:05
General Motors Co. said Thursday it will invest $331.8 million into four powertrain plants in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana to help it build more fuel-efficient engines and an eight-speed transmission. In addition, the company also is adding $46 million to previously announced investments at two other Michigan plants. GM North America Manufacturing Manager Arvin Jones said the investments would not create any new jobs, but are expected to retain 1,650 jobs.

Credit card companies really want to put payment technology in your clothes

Date: Mon, 22. February 2016 02:00:02
You can buy things with cash, a credit card, your phone, or even your watch, but the latest initiatives from Visa and MasterCard is to let you buy things with everything else you might carry around on you. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, both companies announced further plans to put payment technologies in connected devices, such as clothing, wearables, cars, and appliances. Visa's new program for connected device makers is called Visa Ready, and lets them integrate secure, tokenized payment features into their products.

How to Avoid Late Credit Card Payments

Date: Thu, 22. July 2010 16:24:02
It is extremely important to make sure your credit card payments are made on time. A late payment can lead to additional charges and a dip in your credit score. It?s true! Part of your credit rating is based on your ability to make payments on time, and even one late payment can hinder your ability to take out a mortgage or finance a car in the long-term.

It's never too early: How to build good credit in high school

Date: Mon, 1. August 2016 04:05:24
You can build good credit and put yourself on a path to financial success even if you're still in high school. Here's how to become an authorized user of a card or attain your own credit card before you graduate school.

Nine surprising credit card perks

Date: Tue, 29. April 2014 04:06:51
If you use a rewards-based credit card, chances are you're aware of standard perks, like cash-back rewards or airline miles. But some credit card companies are going a bit further. 

U.S. consumer credit surges on increased credit card use

Date: Fri, 6. June 2014 15:08:00
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. consumer credit surged in April as Americans ramped up their use of credit cards, a potentially positive sign for consumer spending. Total consumer credit increased by $26.85 billion to $3.18 trillion, the Federal Reserve said on Friday. That meant consumer debt was growing at a 10.2 percent annual rate, the fastest pace of growth since July 2011. Analysts polled by Reuters expected a more modest increase during the month of $15.5 billion. Revolving credit, which mostly measures credit-card use, jumped by $8.8 billion. ...

Controversial Arizona lawman targeted by credit card scam

Date: Tue, 5. February 2013 21:02:22
PHOENIX (Reuters) - A controversial Arizona lawman, who styles himself "America's Toughest Sheriff" for his relentless pursuit of criminals, said on Tuesday that he has himself become a victim of credit card fraud. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said his credit card information had been used to buy $291 in groceries in Chicago - a city he said he had not visited in years. ...

Obama?s new order: U.S. government?s credit card security must be improved

Date: Mon, 20. October 2014 21:45:53
In the wake of the numerous sophisticated cyberattacks that managed to steal credit and debit card data from various retail stores in the U.S., President Obama on Friday signed an executive order to improve security for credit cards and payment systems used by the government, The New York Times reports.  FROM EARLIER: Home Depot didn?t take data security seriously, report reveals ?You should be able to buy the things that you need without risking your identity, your credit score or your savings,? Obama said at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau before signing the order. Government agencies and offices will have to upgrade their systems to better protect user data, and move to more secure a chip-and-PIN credit cards that are more

Square breathes sigh of relief as Amazon discontinues its credit card reader

Date: Sun, 1. November 2015 16:15:02
Last Fall, Amazon gave Square a good scare when it announced its very own mobile card reader. The system, called Amazon Register, worked a lot like Square: small businesses could use a small credit card reader to accept plastic for purchases using little more than a phone or tablet. To get businesses interested, Amazon even undercut Square's processing fees ? it charged just 2.5 percent per swipe, compared to Square's 2.75 percent.

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