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Macy's suffers credit card processing slowdown on Black Friday

Date: Fri, 24. November 2017 15:31:49
Department store operator Macy's Inc said that processing of payments with some credit and gift cards was taking longer than usual in its stores on Black Friday, the traditional start of the key holiday shopping season. Customers took to Twitter on Friday to complain about credit card machines not working in stores and online accounts not working. "Hey @Macys just left $300 of items on counter because your credit card machines are down at State St Chicago.

3 Reasons to Keep a Credit Card You Never Use

Date: Sat, 3. August 2019 21:00:00
Don?t toss that old credit card -- it could help you in more ways than one.

4 Ways to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt in 2019

Date: Tue, 22. January 2019 14:14:42
The new year can be a good time to take control of your finances, and for many people, paying off credit card debt is the first step. With new interest charges each month, credit card debt can continue to build if you don't take action. "Credit card debt is particularly insidious because it could potentially never end," says Stephanie Genkin, certified financial planner and founder of My Financial Planner in Brooklyn, New York.

The best mobile credit card readers for small businesses in 2020

Date: Wed, 21. October 2020 00:35:44
For small businesses, best mobile credit card readers can accommodate traditional swipes, chip readers, and digital wallets like Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay.

Ever Wondered How Some People Keep Their Jobs?

Date: Fri, 22. November 2013 03:06:09
I mean, it's a serious question. Advertising agencies, design firms, marketing consultants, they are generally filled with hard-working, knowledgeable people. But there are always a couple of bad apples, and they come in various forms. In this two part special, we look at the first five "fakers" who can really make everyone's lives very difficult. Read it here. Ever Wondered How Some People Keep Their Jobs? originally appeared on Advertising on Thursday, October 24th, 2013 at 22:38:10.Permalink | Comment | Email this

What Happens When You Stop Making Credit Card Payments?

Date: Thu, 3. January 2019 14:00:00
Whether the reason is a layoff, a medical emergency or a pile of debt that is more than you can afford, struggling to pay credit card bills is a problem many people face. When you quit making credit card payments, you can be charged late fees and higher interest rates and take a hit on your credit. Brent Vallat, head of lending at Varo Money Inc., a provider of mobile banking services, says credit card issuers understand that sometimes people face circumstances where money gets tight.

Credit Suisse to add 1,200 jobs in Raleigh, North Carolina

Date: Tue, 9. May 2017 14:26:58
Credit Suisse plans to add around 1,200 jobs in North Carolina, partly by moving positions from New York City, the Swiss bank said on Tuesday, as it tries to cut costs following back-to-back annual losses. The jobs will be added "over the next few years" at its corporate center in Raleigh, Credit Suisse, Switzerland's second-biggest bank, said in a statement. The 1,200 roles will be a combination of people relocating from Credit Suisse's other U.S. offices, mainly New York, and new hires from the local area, a bank spokeswoman said.

The Best Card for Your Credit Style

Date: Mon, 19. December 2016 10:50:01
Zero in on the best card by figuring out how you handle credit.

Carrying too many credit cards? There's a card for that

Date: Tue, 3. March 2015 01:14:45
Technically Incorrect: The Stratos Card is a new so-called connected card that claims to be a fine solution to wallet overcrowding. But who will pay $95 for it?>

Fidelity drops credit card partners American Express, Bank of America

Date: Mon, 4. January 2016 00:37:22
By Tim McLaughlin BOSTON (Reuters) - Fidelity Investments said on Monday it is dropping long-time credit card partners American Express Co and Bank of America Corp , ending a 12-year partnership that has generated billions of dollars in fees. Boston-based Fidelity, which has 24 million customers, said its new partners will be U.S. Bancorp and Visa Inc , effective Monday. The exclusive alliance will provide Visa branded credit-card products to U.S. consumers, including Fidelity customers.

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